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Vietnam Navy Vet gets High School Diploma after almost 50 years!

In the year 1970, 18-year-old Dann Huisken, a senior at Eastern High School in Lansing, Michigan, decided to leave school and enlist amidst the Vietnam War, forfeiting his High School Diploma.

Navy Veteran receives High School Diploma

The now-retired chief petty officer said, “I knew I needed structure and to get away; the Navy was the perfect opportunity.”  His mother would not allow him to join the U.S. Army, but she did allow him to enlist in the Navy, stating moments before he received his Diploma that his Mother “…liked their uniforms.”

After enlisting, Huisken was made a radioman after his communications test. He volunteered to go to San Diego and his first posting was in the Philippines where he remained for 18 months. In the year 1980, after 10 years of active service, he was honorably discharged and followed that with another 16 years in the Navy Reserve.  Before leaving active duty, Huisken applied for his GED but always wished for his Diploma from his former school, Eastern High School.

His wife, Jill, of 22 years said, “It’s always been something he wished he had. A High School Diploma represents your school. He is committed to this area.”  Recently, Jill received a call from Dann letting her know he’d learned of a law allowing him to receive his Diploma.

Fake high School Diploma from Michigan

Under Michigan law, honorably discharged veterans of World War II, Korea, or Vietnam can obtain their high school diplomas if they enlisted or were drafted before they could do so.  “It’s amazing,” said Dann’s son at the Board of Education meeting. “This is one of those big family moments.”

Upon receiving his High School Diploma, Dann Huisken who was dressed in his formal starch white uniform pumped his fist in celebration of this long-awaited reception!  “I’m just full of wonderful thoughts, wonderful feelings,” he said. “This means the World to me, it does. This has been on my mind a long time and it’s not just a bucket list, this is on the top of the list.”

There are so many Veterans who do not have laws as generous as this in which to take advantage and who have had to leave their dreams of receiving their High School or College Diploma behind. Fortunately, can help replace this treasured gift for those you love!  Order today!



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