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General Education Diploma: How Long Does It Take to Get a GED?

Getting ahead in life is something everyone strives for. A comfortable house, enough money for all the essentials in life, and a career that helps you get those things.

But what if you couldn't get ahead in your career because you didn't graduate from high school and you don't have a GED? Many people believe this stops them from getting in a good career; while it can, it doesn't have to.

Learn more about the process and what you can do to change your life. When asking yourself "how long does it take to get a GED," you'll find it's easier than you ever realized.

Know What's On the GED

The GED gets divided into four parts. These include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Reasoning through Language Arts

It's important to know that if you cannot pass one of the subject tests with three attempts, you'll need to wait at least 60 days before you can retest.

The math sections puts a focus on topics that include algebra and quantitative math. Language arts is heavy on reading, writing, and editing.

For science, you'll need to understand topics as they relate to life sciences, the earth, and space. Social studies is a blend of geography, US History, and economics.

Once you realize that you'll study the four common components necessary in any high school education, going after the GED becomes less discouraging. With enough study time and a determination to focus on your work, you can feel comfortable when you walk in on test day.

When Factoring How Long Does it Take to Get a GED, Factor in Study Time

The time you'll spend studying for the GED varies on what you know so far when you quit high school, and if you currently struggle in any of the subjects. Many people find it helpful to take a refresher course to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Although you can prep on your own, it's possible to get the extra guidance and help you'll need through GED classes. Many community colleges make these available to individuals who need to get ready for the test.

Classes normally last eight weeks, but it's important to check with the college or center you plan on attending. Many GED classes get offered on a rolling basis, allowing you to sign up at almost any time during the year.

Although you might feel in a hurry to get everything done at once, it's important to take your time and ensure you're ready.

Consider testing yourself and find out which areas appear the hardest. Take the time needed to study and prep for everything, and return to the test again and see how you're doing.

This helps you make the most of your time studying, helping you get ahead when test day arrives.

Understand the Cost Associated With the GED

Although you might not stop to think about it, getting your GED costs money. This varies depending on what state you live in, so make sure to check the cost for your jurisdiction.

The total for all four test plus GED testing fees can range anywhere from $80 up to $150 or more. While this isn't as expensive as college, it's important to set aside enough money so you're covered for your test.

Some students choose to test for one subject at a time. This keeps you from cramming too much on test day and makes it easier to focus on getting the grade you need to work toward your GED.

Consider the Time You Have to Take Each Test

Since the GED gets broken down into four parts, it makes sense that each one gives you a set amount of time depending on the subject. The breakdown for each subject is as follows:

  • Social studies: 90 minutes
  • Science 90 minutes
  • Math: 115 minutes
  • Reasoning through Language Arts: 150 minutes

To make the most out of the time spent on your test, work through questions that you know the answers to. Come back again to those that confused you, and try to use logic and deduction to figure out the correct answer.

This helps you focus on getting through your test in a logical and efficient way. Try using practice tests and timing yourself to see how you do.

This can help you feel confident when you go in to take your test. Even if you're still nervous, you'll know you can achieve the test in a certain amount of time.

Understand the Different Ways Questions Get Asked on the GED

If you're wondering "how fast can I get a GED?" and you need to have something to present to a job or school, sometimes it's possible you won't be able to pass quickly enough. In that case, it's helpful to use a realistic diploma, until you can present the real one.

Depending on the test, questions get asked in a variety of ways to test your abilities.

Some of the questions on the test get presented as:

  • Multiple choices
  • Short answer
  • Fill in the blank
  • Drag and drop
  • Extended answer

Get ready to spend time working through different forms of answering the questions. If you're concerned about short or extended answers, spend a little time practicing writing before taking the test.

Focusing on answering the question and using supporting information can help make your point.

Discover More About Buying A GED

If you're wondering how long does it take to get a GED, understand the answer depends on how much you currently know and how soon you can take a test and get passing results. If you just want one for your recorords or for fun, you can also buy one.. it can be much faster! Check out our site and see how you can feel confident in getting help with a replacement. 

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