Seal and Emblem Options

Seals and emblems used will be official state seals or very similar seals used by the school. We cann't replicate the high school or college seals exactly but we try to come close.

Most of our emblems are not Embossed and are printed flat in ink except for our generic Gold or Red embossed seals seen below which are raised foil stickers.

Our top-of-the-line, GOLD FOIL STICKERS, have a matte and shiny gold foil appearance and are also embossed (raised) which means you can feel the design with your finger. They are available on any of our diploma styles for FREE. While they don't include a particular school name, they will present a very realistic look on your novelty diploma.


Red University, For International Orders

We offer a complete selection of official State Seals from all the US states. Printed in black, gold, or full color, the State Emblems provide a very professional addition to the EXCELLENCE emblem or the Customized Seal. They are available on all of our American diploma styles. The samples below represent all color state seals. If you choose black or gold they will look like the ones below but in black or gold. Black and Gold are $5 each and Color State seals ar $10 added to your order. Click on the state to view a larger picture